The more involved I get with other people’s projects, the more I realize how much you can accomplish as one person with the help of many. You just need to have the vision, people that are passionate about your project, and motivation to get shit done.

So…vision. What project do I want to try to bring into the world? That I would be passionate enough about to want to own? It could be an online project, or an event that I actually put on. I’m going to use this space to jot down some ideas.

Ideas for Online Projects
Queer Editing Service – during May 2015, I edited a series of novellas and short stories that had queer characters and largely used the “they/their” pronouns. It might be nice for the queer community to have someone they know is in the community to edit their work.

Ideas for IRL Projects
Zines – I made a zine for my Improv 101 classmates & think it’s a fun medium for low commitment thing making.

Ideas for Events
*DONE! Created 10-Feb-2016* Collaboration Meetup – not an entirely original idea of my own, a couple of my friends mentioned wanting to get a group of powerful & amazing women that they know together and see what came out of it. I would love to hold space for collaborations between people.